Decoding emails in Python

December 18, 2009 Tags: python, email

Note to self regarding charsets/encodings with emails in Python.

Sparing queries when displaying Haystack results

December 14, 2009 Tags: django, haystack, django-community, sql

Playing with Haystack and query optimizations...

Archlinux on a MacbookPro

December 12, 2009 Tags: archlinux, apple

I just bought a MacbookPro5,5. When it comes to installing Linux on a macbook, all the distributions have a lot of documentation. I'm used to Archlinux and although Ubuntu has some great documentation on the Mactel support, I wanted to keep my distribution.

Silently failing include tag in Django

December 7, 2009 Tags: django

How do you handle third-party services integration with your websites? If you want to register it with Google's webmaster tools or add an external visit tracking tool, you'll always have to edit a piece of code on the production server. Here's my solution to make it less painful with Django.

Lauching bruno.im

December 4, 2009 Tags: bruno.im, django

Hello blog.