December 4, 2009 Tags:, django

Hello blog.

I've been working on lots of django-related stuff lately, including this website. I wrote my blog engine (yeah I know, yet once again another Django blog engine—sorry) because I wanted something that fits my needs. So I wrote a set of Django apps and here's what I got:

  • A blog section where I can write articles in reStructuredText syntax, publish syntax-highlighted code snippets as well as inline images.
  • A gallery section to publish pictures of my walking, climbing and skiing trips (I need to put some more recent pictures here).
  • Cool full-content atom feeds, with the possibility to subscribe to a specific tag or even a combination of tags. The gallery has its feed as well.
  • A projects section where I summarize those I am or have been working on.
  • A timeline that aggregates my activity on several external sites like twitter, GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitorious and Delicious. It's kinda cool to see your latest commits and twitter updates on your website.
  • Short URLs with rel=shortlink and Link HTTP header support.

So, I hope you like it! I'm very happy with the design as well, nothing fancy but it suits me very well. Some things are hardcoded and therefore prevents the code to be reused painlessly somewhere else, but I plan to fix it soon [UPDATE 2010-01-21: done].

Stay tuned for some more substantial content!


December 4, 2009ntoll

Great that you've finally joined the blogosphere. :-)

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