Optimiser ses applications Django

September 9, 2010 Tags: django, caching, python, sql

Un résumé de ce que j'ai présenté à PyConFR le 29 Août 2010.

EuroPython talk: Python and the IMAP protocol

July 29, 2010 Tags: python, email, imap

The talk I gave at EuroPython, as a full article/tutorial. Long story short? Use IMAPClient, but try to learn how IMAP works before.

Django signals for consistent caching

June 27, 2010 Tags: django, sql, caching

Because queries are much nicer when they're not executed.

I'm speaking at EuroPython 2010

May 20, 2010 Tags: python, europython, imap

I've been accepted as a EuroPython speaker.

Packaging a Django reusable app

May 5, 2010 Tags: django, python, packaging

I suck less at packaging.

Dead simple backup script

April 7, 2010 Tags: archlinux, bash, backup

Until a few days ago I didn't have any backup strategy. This one is quite straightforward and fits my needs...