I'm speaking at EuroPython 2010

May 20, 2010 Tags: python, europython, imap

I've been accepted as a EuroPython speaker.

I just got the confirmation email from the EuroPython organization: I will be giving a talk at EuroPython 2010!

The talk is entitled "Python and the IMAP protocol" and will be divided in four parts:

  • I will explain what the IMAP protocol is and speak about the core principles of the protocol itself.
  • I will show how python developers can take advantage of the imaplib module from the standard library.
  • I will present IMAPClient, a higher-level (third-party) module which provides a more pythonic interface to the IMAP protocol.
  • Finally, I will show how to extend the imaplib module to support additional IMAP commands such as IDLE or Gmail's XOAUTH.

I'm targeting beginners and intermediate users who are curious about interacting with their inboxes in Python. No prior knowledge of the protocol nor imaplib or IMAPClient is required. If you already know everything about the subject, maybe this talk is not for you :).

This is also the first time I'll be giving a talk in English, I hope it'll go well.

See you in Birmingham in July!


May 21, 2010Julien

Congrats and good luck! Too bad, PyCon (US/North America) 2010 is already gone, I would have told you to come on this side of the Atlantic.

May 21, 2010Noyelle

Bien ouèj ! Tu vas faire des slides avec des blagues et des p'tits animaux ? Rien que pour ça j'irai bien m'inscrire... :-)

May 21, 2010Bruno

@Julien: I should have blogged about this, I actually attended PyCon in Atlanta (I missed some classes because of it). That was a blast!

@Noyelle: I'll see. The subject isn't that suitable for jokes and pictures of wild animals...

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