Depending on your interests, you can choose among several syndication feeds for this website. All feeds are in the Atom format.

  • Latest entries: /atom/latest/
  • Latest entries in a specific language: the URL pattern is /atom/<language_code>/latest/. Available languages are "en" and "fr".
  • Entries tagged with a specific tag: the URL pattern is /atom/tag/<tag_name>/. If you are only interested in Django-related entries, go to /atom/tag/Django/. The tag is case-insensitive.
  • Entries tagged with a specific set of tags. For all entries tagged foo and bar, go to /atom/tag/foo+bar/. This is still case-insensitive. you can add more than two tags.
  • A tag or set of tags, filtered by language. The pattern is /atom/<language>/tag/<tag_or_tags>/. See for example all django-related posts in English.
  • Pictures: for the latest albums published on the gallery, subscribe to /atom/albums/.